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Nutritional Options

the following nutritional supplements are created with the purest organic production possible.  I only sell products that I have personally tested and am currently taking.  



Let me tell you about my experience with this product. If you read "about me" you know that at one point I was working full time as an ER nurse and trained full time to complete in the Olympics in boxing. I worked 3 twelve hour shifts a week. before and after work I ran 1 to 3 miles. On my days off, I trained 6 hours a day. It was incredibly  Intense boxing training, had dinner, then did a boot camp class. I was burning 6000 calories a day easily. Mind you I had to maintain 112 lbs. So, I was unable to eat a high calorie diet. I started to get sick.  My friend told me about this product she was taking and how well it worked for her, so I started to take it as well. It made all the difference, in one month I was stronger, had more energy, and was no longer sick. I was able to compete with women half my age!! I still take this product to this day. click on the link below. there is more info/videos regarding its nutritional value, it's all natural. NO FILLERS! It is backed by many MD's. If you have questions, consult me .


Super Health Food

Prime my body

I haven't been kind to my body, It has endured much abuse throughout my life. I have played almost every sport in the book. I even played on a women's pro football team and currently play on a men's hockey team. I have most certainly paid the price for all this fun. As you know, I am very much against pharmaceuticals. So, I have looked for alternatives to them. This product has done wonders for me, all naturally WITHOUT side effects. I can think more clearly, my pain is much more manageable, and I sleep way better than I ever have. Life seems to have gotten a little bit easier. The science behind this product has been third party peer reviewed and backed by medical doctors. Give it a try, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. This link has some great information. Click here to find out more about the products.

nox-skin cream

Natural healing creams

Natural oral suppliment


Doterra essential oils

athletes care kit doterra oils
Deep Blue rub
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